Liberty Lost?

While not the end all of existence, liberty has been the much sweetness of mine. Here in America, it is clearly on the decline.

People often take liberty for granted. When I was a kid, I always thirsted for the freedom that I had and didn’t think much of the hard fought freedom that was handed to me as an American Citizen.

It is not a perfect world and perfect is the enemy of the good in things like liberty. It is a gray area at times. But, rest assured, the growth of our Federal Government is mostly an encroachment on personal freedom, one way or the other. The constitution was mainly to limit the type of government we seem to be building in the form of Leviathan, meet George Orwell.

Today, we seem to be on our way down the rabbit hole of totalitarianism via micro-tyranny. I feel for the youth.

Keep in mind, it is easy for me. I have lived most of my life free except from the tyrant of me. I can always remember and treasure the time I lived doing what I want as long as it not preventing someone else doing what they want – read that as beyond hurting someone’s feelings.

Being able to do, say and think what you want is so precious. I am thankful for it and can still do that today, mostly by finding a sunny spot in nature in what is becoming a global asylum.

The Daily Say